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TOP 10 Misunderstandings About Choosing An Electric Supplier.

Question : Why can’t your local utility simply lower their Supply rates?

Answer : your local utility enters into long term fixed-rate contracts to help protect their customers from changes in generation costs, but they pay a premium for the decreased risk. As a result, your local utility rates are currently among the highest in the continental United States.


No. 1 - Will Your local utility will be upset if I Choose An Electric Supplier

Fact - your local utility encourage their customers to Choose an Electric Supplier because lower electric costs benefit everyone in Energy Deregulated areas.


No. 2 - My new electric supplier can shut off my service

Fact - Only your local utility can terminate electric service to your home or business and termination is strictly regulated by your local utility Department of Public Utility Control.


No. 3 - Will your local utility lose money if I Choose an Electric Supplier

Fact - your local utility do not earn a profit on the electricity they deliver to their customers. The companies simply purchase electricity to deliver to customers who do not Choose an Electric Supplier. Customers pay exactly what your local utility pays - no more, no less.


No. 4 - If my electric supplier goes out of business I'll lose service

Fact - Electric service will not be interrupted if a supplier goes out of business. You would be returned to your local utility generation services and would pay the local utility generation services rate. You could then stay with your local utility, or, choose another supplier like The Power Company.


No. 5 - I have to give out personal information if I want to Choose an Electric Supplier

Fact - Suppliers DO NOT NEED AND SHOULD NOT REQUEST personal information such as a Social Security number, credit card information, checking account numbers, etc. Suppliers will need you to provide information from your electric bill to authorize the switch. To avoid delay in switching, it is very important that you provide this information accurately.


No. 6 - Savings begin immediately

Fact - Customers who Choose an Electric Supplier are switched to the suppliers' rate on their next regularly scheduled meter reading date. So, depending on where you are in your meter reading cycle it can take more than 30 days to have the supplier's rate appear on your bill. To avoid delays in switching, it is very important that you accurately provide the necessary billing information to the supplier.


No. 7 - There's a charge to switch to another electric supplier

Fact - There is NO CHARGE to switch electric suppliers and you can return to your local utility Standard Service generation if you like. Most suppliers do not have a cancellation fee, but some do. So, be sure to ask whether the supplier charges a cancellation fee before enrolling. We do not.


No. 8 - The savings are too small to bother switching

Fact - Depending on the offer, you can lower your total electric bill by 10% or more.


No. 9 - It's difficult to switch

Fact - It's EASY TO SWITCH and the supplier you choose will do the work for you. You will need to provide the supplier with certain information from your electric bill. To avoid delay in switching it is very important to accurately provide the necessary information. Double check this information to be sure it's correct.


No. 10 - Suppliers will start billing me separately for my electric service

Fact - You will continue to receive one electric bill from your local utility. The only difference will be the rate you pay for the generation service portion of your electric bill.


The charge for your local utility to use the power grid and power lines to deliver to your home or business.

The reduced rate for the power we supply. You can choose to keep your utility as your supplier, or choose to save big.

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